An Effective Printing & Mailing Partner to Non-Profits and Charities

Direct Impaqt is a midsize print and mail marketing company in Mid-Missouri that is uniquely suited to partnering with nonprofit and charitable organizations for all their print advertising, fundraising mailing, and direct mail needs. Our approach to print and mail service is as personal as it is professional, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with groups that are dedicated to making their local communities great places to live and work.

Why Should Your Non-Profit Choose Direct Impaqt?

Nonprofits do special work and Direct Impaqt offers services that go beyond the ordinary and anonymous mass printing experience offered by larger companies. We understand that nonprofits operate differently than other businesses, and our services are tailor made for the quick timelines, tight budgets, and small staffs on which many nonprofits and 501(c)(3) organizations operate.

Nonprofit organization work day

We create.

In a crowded print media landscape, it is critical for nonprofit organizations to create media, advertising, and mail pieces that get noticed. At Direct Impaqt, we use innovative technical expertise and creative insight to help your philanthropic organization craft one-of-a-kind print products that get results. We also advise our nonprofit
customers on size, type, and class of mail that will produce visually effective pieces and help organizations stand out.

We communicate.

Direct Impaqt’s team members work closely together with our nonprofit clients to achieve the best possible results, and we know that clear and timely communication is essential to any successful collaboration. A responsive print and mailing vendor can take a nonprofit client’s big idea and turn it into a polished and effective product without tying up precious time and resources. This helps nonprofit print and mail projects stay on schedule and on budget, so you can dedicate those resources to the causes you serve.

We are conscientious.

At Direct Impaqt we make it our business to understand the finer points of print advertising, mail, media, and postage so our nonprofit clients don’t have to. We handle the complex details of media outreach, including data management, procurement and streamlining of targeted mailing lists, postage size, handling speed, so that our clients can stay focused on their important work in the nonprofit sector. This partnership helps printing and mail projects remain effective while meeting timelines and keeping processing costs low.

Make Our Organization Work for Your Nonprofit Organization

Direct Impaqt can take our broadly appealing services and custom tailor them to fit your charitable organization’s specific needs and goals.

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Direct Mail

Direct mail is effectively used for non-profits, philanthropic organizations, and charities because it allows organizations to connect personally with potential donors and volunteers. When direct mail is done right, it puts a physical and compelling product in an individual’s hand which enables the sender to communicate a customized message to a specific audience. This is so critical to raising the funds and resources your charity needs to do good in the world.


Direct Impaqt understands how to craft successful advertising that gets results. We can help your organization generate publicity and awareness for special events, volunteer needs, staff hires, or fundraisers. We can also create flyers, personalized letters, or high-impact postcards that advertise your charity, donor development, a new location, or an upcoming fundraising.

Specialized Print Projects

In addition to our direct mail and advertising services, we can assist your nonprofit or charitable organization with special print projects that meet your particular needs. We can create personalized fundraising letters, event invitations, informational brochures, or annual reports that will connect your message in meaningful ways with your target audience.

Contact Direct Impaqt for Your Philanthropy Project Today.

At Direct Impaqt we believe in the value of community partnerships and we are proud to offer our services to organizations that work so diligently to help their local communities thrive.