Printing & Direct Mail Services for Medical Companies

Direct Impaqt is proud to serve public and private healthcare providers in the mid-Missouri region. We offer medical organizations a broad range of services that fuse quality print media with a customized approach to direct mail. We work closely with our clients to develop strategized marketing and outreach plans that get results.

We serve:

  • Independent hospitals
  • Regional healthcare networks
  • Private medical practices
  • Pharmaceutical groups
  • Medical clinics

Connect with Your Patient Community

Medical care providers offer deeply personal services and need to build trust within the communities they serve. Direct Impaqt can help healthcare providers create compelling print products that build their brands and create effective ways to communicate with patients, colleagues, insurance companies, and other medical organizations.

Marketing planning meeting

Direct Impaqt also assists clients in the medical services sector to formulate mailing campaigns that reach targeted demographic groups, allowing care providers to communicate specific messages to receptive members of the community. This strategic approach to print and mail prevents wasteful printing and postage costs. Our staff also works with healthcare organizations to integrate their print media and direct mail services with their online presence for a seamless messaging and marketing campaign.

Our print and mail services for medical care providers include:

  • Wellness newsletters
  • Health fair and screening day announcements
  • Medical mailers publicizing new clinic openings
  • Pamphlets advertising new or specialized service offerings
  • Pharmaceutical product catalogs
  • Informational brochures about common medical conditions
  • Private practice promotional materials
    • Customized calendars
    • Preprinted stationery for patient communication, birthday cards, and check-up reminders
  • Mailers raising awareness for seasonal services
    • Flu shots
    • School year and sports physicals
    • Vaccination notices
    • Public health announcements

Calendar date reminder

Public Relations and Community Outreach

Healthcare providers are integral members of their communities with social responsibilities that extend beyond providing medical care. The staff at Direct Impaqt regularly partners with public relations directors and community outreach coordinators from the medical services industry to produce print and mail campaigns for special events or announcements.

Our print and mail services designed for community outreach include:

  • Flyers advertising family fun days
  • Health fair brochures
  • Marketing and advertising materials for health-related events such as fun runs, blood drives, or pop-up clinics
  • Printed materials for foundation fund development events
    • Advertising materials
    • Banners, signage, and bulletins
    • Charity auction catalogs
    • Tickets

Quality Print Services for Medical Companies at Low Cost

Direct Impaqt values the medical community’s need to keep marketing and advertising costs low. Our staff has in-depth knowledge of the printing process and postage regulations, so we can assist our clients with creating premium print products without driving up costs. We take every detail into account, from paper selection to delivery timelines, so advertising and marketing campaigns will be effective and affordable.

Dynamic Partnership with Direct Impaqt

At Direct Impaqt we pride ourselves on building productive partnerships with our medical clients and we ensure that our dedicated staff is available and accessible. We are happy to conduct professional communication in whichever way is most convenient to our clients. We can connect in-person, over the phone, through email, text, Skype, social media or similar technology platforms.

Your Medical Community is Our Community

No matter if you are small health clinic seeking to raise public awareness of a health issue or a large hospital group interested in personalizing your patient communication, Direct Impaqt can help your medical organization develop individualized print marketing and direct mail plans that get results. We are proud to partner with healthcare providers serving the mid-Missouri region. Contact Direct Impaqt today and let our dedicated staff help your medical organization connect effectively and affordably with your community.

Call Direct Impaqt at (573) 642-8988 to discuss your medical industry printing or mailing project today.