Printing & Mailing Support for Government Departments & Organizations

Direct Impaqt is an experienced partner to government organizations and industry groups. We can assist your agency with cost effective, time sensitive and efficient solutions to all your direct mail and print needs, no matter the scale.

Our Expertise is Your Department’s Advantage

When government organizations outsource their print and mail projects to Direct Impaqt, they use our expertise for their benefit. Our skilled staff understands how to use print media and direct mail to its greatest potential, ensuring that results for your office are effective, accurate, and affordable.

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An Innovative Approach to Government Printing and Direct Mail

At Direct Impaqt we use the latest technology to design and facilitate printing and mail projects and to keep costs low. We help organizations target specific audiences so media outreach and print campaigns can be used to the greatest effect.

Direct Impaqt has developed an industry expertise that allows us to capitalize on affordable postal service programs like Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM helps state and local organizations connect and communicate with their constituents and community members.

Additionally, we help municipalities and organizations integrate their print and direct mail strategies with their digital presence by using conventional print materials to direct the public to websites and other online resources.

Responsible Project Management Keeps Printing Costs Low

Overprinting is costly and wasteful, and Direct Impaqt values the importance of making sure that tax dollars are used responsibly. We have a professional understanding of the postal regulations and printing standards, and combined with our focused used of direct mail, we can increase savings by limiting postage costs, paper waste, and unnecessary duplication of printed materials.

Secure Printing Services for Government Agencies

Governmental agencies and industry organizations need to protect their sensitive data. The staff at Direct Impaqt is committed to following compliance requirements to ensure that the data you entrust to us is always safe and secure. We work closely with our clients to address the specific security and data confidentiality requirements of each project.

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Government Printing Services

Direct Impaqt’s versatile services can meet all the print and direct mail needs of governmental organizations and industry groups. We serve a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors. We apply our insights from our existing services in fresh and exciting ways while still conforming to client-specific standards.

Our print and mailing services for governmental organization and industry groups can include:

  • Managing the production and distribution of newsletters, reports, and fliers.
  • Assisting city departments with public service announcements and municipal concerns such as sewer or power issues, etc.
  • Printing and distributing material communication with the public from local and state government and offices.
  • Providing address updating services for mailing lists
  • Printing and mailing utility statements, collector yearly tax notices, and assessor assessment forms.
  • Publication of official government or agency materials, listing appointments, elections, and other public notices.
  • Using traditional print media to raise awareness of online resources and websites for additional information and support.

A Proud Partner to Governmental Organizations & Industry Groups

Direct Impaqt is proud to partner with government agencies and industry groups that serve our communities. Our experienced and professional staff is committed to assisting local and state governments and industry groups to develop and implement successful, cost effective print media and direct mail strategies that work to the benefit of the public.

Call Direct Impaqt at (573) 642-8988 to discuss your government printing or mailing project today.