Printing & Direct Mail Services for Financial Institutions & Insurance Companies

Financial institutions and insurance agencies have a unique mission to provide financial security and peace of mind to their customers. At Direct Impaqt, we understand this mission and provide our clients with print, mail, and marketing solutions that prioritized efficiency, affordability, and security.

Insurance Claims Forms

Individualized Services & Prioritized Partnerships

Financial institutions offer highly specialized and sensitive services to their customers while being subjected to industry-specific government regulations. Direct Impaqt’s staff works with each of our financial services clients to understand their specific needs and meet industry standards.

We serve leaders in the financial services industry including:

  • Banking institutions
  • Accountants and CPAs
  • Tax preparation organizations
  • Financial advisors
  • Brokerage firms

Our financial printing, direct mail, and distribution services include:

  • Privacy Notices
  • Tax documents
  • Compliance letters
  • Billing documents
  • Outreach materials (newsletters, pamphlets, catalogs)
  • Internal reports

Direct Impaqt collaborates with our clients in the insurance services sector to create print, mail, and marketing products that connects their essential services with current and potential customers.

We serve leaders in the insurance services industry including:

  • Health insurance providers
  • Auto, home, and property insurance agencies
  • Life Insurance organizations

Our insurance print, mail, and distribution services include:

  • Brochures or flyers advertising services or special offers
  • Insurance marketing materials
  • Customized promotional and marketing materials
  • Annual customer contact list management
  • Announcements and explanations of how changes in federal law will impact insurance services or rates to insurance

Customer Outreach & Quality Design at Low Cost

Financial institutions and insurance agencies need to keep print production and postage costs responsibly low without sacrificing valuable avenues of customer communication. Whether an organization is a large public company or a small local business, Direct Impaqt has tailored services to create results-oriented mail, print, and media marketing campaigns that are high quality and cost effective.

Direct Impaqt has a professional expertise in understanding how to utilize low cost direct mail solutions, including Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), to their greatest advantage. We also work with clients to compile customized mailing lists that target strategic demographic groups to maximize customer outreach campaigns without producing excess print products that can drive up mail costs.

Bank Statements

The Local Advantage

Direct Impaqt is pleased to partner with local financial institutions and insurance groups. We have special insights into our community’s unique demographics which enable us to execute print and media projects that out-of-state vendors cannot manage as easily. Highly localized print and media campaigns are also often less costly when managed by a local company like Direct Impaqt, while campaigns undertaken by large vendors that often struggle to schedule smaller projects and often require additional processing fees.

Secure Printing & Trusted Services

Direct Impaqt is committed to meeting the high data-security standards of insurance agencies and financial intuitions to ensure the safety and integrity of any sensitive data entrusted to us to print and distribute. We work with each of our client partners on a one-on-one basis to understand their particular data confidentiality needs for the secure transfer and handling of sensitive data. In these meetings, we discuss business requirements and develop best practices to ensure regulatory compliance is maintained.

Outsource Your Finance & Insurance Industry Print and Mail Solutions

Direct Impaqt has made it our business to understand your business. When companies outsource print and mail programs to Direct Impaqt, they capitalize on our professional expertise to their own advantage and to their customers’ benefit. Direct Impaqt is proud to assist our partners in the financial and insurance industries with affordable print and mail solutions so they can keep focused on serving their communities.

Call Direct Impaqt at (573) 642-8988 to discuss your financial or insurance industry printing or mailing project today.