Printing & Mailing Services for Universities & K-12 Schools

Direct Impaqt is good at providing print and direct mail services to a wide variety of educational institutions. Whether you are a local K-12 school, a small private academic institution, or a large public university, we can help your school or institution develop comprehensive and cost-effective print and mail campaigns that will connect with students and parents in your local community.

We help academic institutions expand public outreach, advertise degree programs, attract students, and build their brands. Direct mail is a powerful communication tool and Direct Impaqt knows how to adapt its services to the specific needs of education providers.

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Student Recruiting and Acquisition

Direct Impaqt works with schools to design and deliver print and direct mail strategies that connect prospective students with academic organizations that fit their goals and dreams. We understand the importance of matching potential students with the right kind of education provider and we use our extensive direct mail expertise to reach the most appropriate markets for your educational institution. Our approach maximizes meaningful outreach while prioritizing affordable printing costs.

Our printing and mailing services that can help your recruiting and student acquisition efforts can include:

  • Advertising brochures
  • Application packets
  • Course catalogs
  • Admission and welcome kits
  • Database management
  • Personalized admission letter printing
  • Servicing online information requests with printed recruiting materials

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Athletics Departments

Athletics are an integral part of many academic programs, and Direct Impaqt assists academically affiliated sports clubs with advertising upcoming events, athletic programs, camps, athletic scholarships, and extracurricular courses. Our direct mail service can also help raise local awareness of special athletic events, sports fundraising opportunities, and charity tournaments with compelling print materials that generate publicity, interest, and community participation. Spread the word about your school sports with Direct Impaqt.

College Scholarships

Scholarships can be a huge influence on where many students choose to attend college. Direct Impaqt partners with colleges, universities, and other education providers in support of scholarship programs. We create and print informational pamphlets, scholarship application packets, personalized scholarship mail, scholarship award event invitations, and publicity materials that advertise scholarship offerings to prospective candidates.

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Alumni Organization Services

An active alumni association is a valuable part of any academic institution and direct mail is a great way to stay connected with former students and graduates. Direct Impaqt helps academic institutions keep in touch with their alumni networks and with individual alumnus by managing mail lists and creating customized print pieces such as newsletters, event flyers, invitations, and print magazines. Stay in touch with alumni who may become donors and valuable contributors to your school over the years by taking advantage of print and direct mail to reach these important people.

School Fundraising Campaigns

Direct Impaqt collaborates with education providers to develop targeted and successful fundraising campaigns. We design and print invitations, advertisements, and mailers that help academic institutions announce special events, and fundraisers that help generate critical funds for local schools. We also partner with schools of all sizes to develop direct mail strategies that connect your institution with select audiences, streamline printing services, and keep production costs low.

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Direct Impaqt Gets Results for Schools

Whether you are a K-12 school district, university, trade school, online educator, or continuing education course provider, Direct Impaqt can help you contact, communicate, and maintain relationships through our advanced direct mail and print services. We apply the same skills we have developed in supporting non-profit, financial institutions, governmental organizations, small businesses, and commercial enterprises, to help you succeed. Contact us today and let us partner with your organization with a customized print media and direct marketing strategy that will get results.

Contact Direct Impaqt for Your School Printing or Mailing Project Today.

At Direct Impaqt we believe in the value of education, and we are proud to offer our services to schools that work so diligently to help students and families thrive.