Printing & Direct Mail Services for Communications & Telecom Companies

Direct Impaqt is pleased to partner with local telecom and communication companies in the mid-Missouri region like Socket. We can help your business develop direct mail and print strategies that communicate your brand, advertise services, and build close customer relationships.

A Specialized Approach to Telecom Marketing & Outreach

At Direct Impaqt we offer a range of versatile print and mail services adapted to the specific needs of our clients. We help telecom and communication companies develop customer mailing lists, implement cost effective direct mail solutions, and create unique print pieces that will help match your company’s services with targeted audiences.

Telecom service crewmember making repairs

Telecom Mail Solutions

Standard mail services use ZIP code boundaries to determine their approach to customer outreach, but telecom and communication companies’ service areas may not conform to traditional ZIP codes. A general one size fits all mail strategy is too broad an approach for local telecom companies to take. Direct Impaqt understands how to use direct mail to specifically identify unique customer groups that overlap with existing service areas. This allows telecom and communication companies to connect only with consumers who are eligible for their services. This highly targeted approach helps to keep printing costs low, and ensures effective customer outreach.

Communications Printing Services

Direct Impaqt specializes in working with companies that appreciate a hands-on approach. We assist telecom agencies who want to see a project all the way through from conception to the finished product. Our flexible service offerings and staff expertise allow our customers to manage their own design and print projects and create custom print, media, and marketing materials to get the word out about their telecom and communication companies.

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Quality Print Design at Affordable Prices for Telecom Companies

Direct Impaqt prides itself on producing premium print products that help our clients build brand recognition, open multiple channels of customer communication, and generate interest in provided services. At the same time, we use our expertise with mailing lists, postal regulations, and direct mail solutions to develop print and mail pieces that will keep design and postage costs affordable. Our highly-specialized mail campaigns ensure outreach to targeted customer demographics which allow for strategized messaging while eliminating expensive over printing and unnecessary postage costs.

Connect Your Company with the Community: An Integrated Marketing Plan

Direct Impaqt helps local telecom and communication companies develop multifaceted approaches to marketing their brand and services to select customer groups. We create cohesive outreach strategies that use print media to drive customer traffic to social media and websites.

Community events also provide excellent opportunities to reach potential customers in existing or expansion areas. Direct Impaqt partners with local leaders in the telecom and communication industries to create special advertising plans designed for community events with heavy foot traffic. We can prepare diverse print products, ranging from signage to custom pamphlets, brochures and mailers for advertising booths at community events. Supported community events include:

  • Chamber of Commerce Showcases
  • Art in the Park
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • County Fairs

The Direct Impaqt Advantage

Direct Impaqt provides mail solutions and design print advertising campaigns that get your telecom and communication company the results you need while keeping projects on time and on budget. And our services are customized so it is always about your message, your brand, and your look, every time. When you outsource your mail and print needs to Direct Impaqt you get results.

Call Direct Impaqt at (573) 642-8988 to discuss your telecommunications industry printing or mailing project today.