Industries We Serve

We offer printing, mailing, and other services in any of the following industries. Please contact us today to request a quote or utilize our services.


Local government serves an important role in the daily lives of constituents. Clear communication is key, and Direct Impaqt delivers. Learn about printing and mailing services for government organizations and industry groups.


Direct Impaqt knows the banking and finance industries must comply with strict laws. Your company doesn’t have time to waste with a direct mail service that isn’t up to the challenge. Learn about printing and mailing services for finance and insurance companies.


Direct Impaqt’s printing and direct mail services can help your small business thrive. We are a locally-owned, experienced partner to local companies and small businesses. Direct Impaqt will give you the personal touch you expect from a mom and pop shop, with the quality you’d expect from a bigger company. We’re big enough to deliver quality results, but small enough that you don’t get lost in the shuffle.


Education is one cornerstone of a foundation of a thriving society. Getting the word out about scholarships and athletic departments for universities and K-12 schools is paramount to kids getting the education they deserve. Learn about printing and mailing services in mid-Missouri.


Charities and other nonprofits contribute vast amounts of resources to those in need. Whether your organization is having a canned food or coat drive, or a fundraiser, your community needs to know about it. Learn about printing and mailing services for non-profit charitable organizations and philanthropic causes.


Direct mail is a powerful and effective way to reach patients. You need a print shop that can handle your unique needs. Learn about printing and mailing services for medical organizations, hospitals and doctors’ offices and find out how Direct Impaqt can help your medical practice.


Let potential telecom customers know about all of your offerings. A powerful mailing can speak volumes to members of your coverage area. Learn about printing and mailing services for communications and telecom companies.