Mailing lists are an effective way for organizations and businesses to directly reach out to potential customers and clients. There are several available options for collecting quality targeted mailing lists, and it is important to understand the intricacies of the various mail list services when developing a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

Every Door Direct Mail

The United States Postal Service offers a basic and convenient direct mail plan called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM is an affordable advertising service that allows customers to send printed mail materials to broad audiences. EDDM customers can use USPS mapping and demographic tools to choose postal code blocks and mail will be delivered to any address within the selected area. Mail utilizing EDDM services will have a standardized top line address such as “Current Resident” or “Postal Customer.” Printed mail pieces must adhere to specific design and size guidelines.

In order to get the best results from EDDM, it is helpful to pair this marketing approach with a direct mail service provider. Mail service providers can help businesses use EDDM more effectively by adapting its simplified direct mail options to customer’s specific needs. For example, Direct Impaqt can help businesses with EDDM by identifying and selecting postal city codes and rural routes that offer the best local marketing potential. We can also use our industry expertise to design effective and eye-catching printed mail pieces that still conform to EDDM size and print specification requirements.

Purchasing Mailing Lists

EDDM is a great mail marketing service, but if a business or organization has determined that it would benefit from a more specialized approach to direct mail, they should consider purchasing a prospect mail list.

Purchasing the right mailing list from outside vendors is an effective way to grow your conventional and digital mailing list inventories. Conventional mail and email lists can be purchased from companies that specialize as list brokers. List brokers build, maintain, verify, and update large databases of addresses that companies can use for their own marketing purposes.

Purchased mail lists allow customers to create a more targeted and personalized direct mail experience than a service like EDDM. Addresses obtained from list brokers can be addressed to individuals by name and sent to specific residential addresses. Print guidelines and requirements are also not as restrictive as they are for EDDM.

Purchased mailing lists fall into two main categories, multi-use or single-use addresses. A single-use list allows the purchaser to send mail to a given address only once, but with multi-use lists buyers can send as many pieces of mail to an address as often as desired for a period of usually up to one year from the purchase date. However, if a mail recipient responds directly to a company based off of a purchase list query, that address is considered owned by the company and they can continue using it after the original purchase list passes its deadline.

A mail service provider can help a business or organization manage their purchased mailing lists to achieve for maximum utility. For instance, Direct Impaqt has a well-developed professional expertise and we work with clients to help them navigate the particular nuances of mailing list brokerage. We understand local demographics and know how to use that information to match clients with the purchased lists that provide the greatest potential for real results. Additionally, Direct Impaqt has in-depth knowledge of the postal service regulations that govern these lists and we can offer guidance and industry knowledge regarding list updates and legal requirements.

How to Build a Mailing List

One of the most important elements of a successful direct mail and digital mail campaign is to develop a focused, targeted approach. This will lower postage costs and allow organizations to open and maintain multiple channels of communication with specific audiences.

Here are some of our top tips for developing effective mailing lists:

  • ● Keep in touch. The very best mailing list contacts result from people directly contacting a business or organization. Keep track of these individuals and make sure they remain an important part of any in-house list.
  • ● Create effective direct mail. On every piece of mail sent out to prospective customers, donors, or volunteers, you must provide value to the recipient. There should also be reference to a website or social media site that has the ability to collect name and email address.
  • ● Maximize the effectiveness of your website. Companies and organizations should design a web page that clearly provides prospective customers or supporters with opportunities to sign up for future communications after engaging with your direct mail.
  • ● Utilize databases. Partner with a mail service provider to select the best list brokers and choose mailing lists that directly meet your ideal customer base and service areas. Use and maintain a database of these contacts.
  • ● Collect targeted mailing lists. Use demographic, psychographic, and lifestyle search criteria to assemble sophisticated and specific lists to ensure your direct mail pieces reach the right audience.
  • ● Merge and purge. Merge purchased mailing lists with in-house mailing lists and use specialized computer programs to purge duplicate addresses for a more streamlined and cost-effect marketing campaign.

The Intricacies of Mailing Lists

Building and maintaining successful mailing lists is an art as much as it is a science. Direct Impaqt uses industry knowledge and expertise to help our clients find their ideal audience, target promising markets, and develop results-oriented mailing lists that will increase the effectiveness of their print and digital marketing campaigns.

Get help with your mailing list creation and curation today. Contact us online or call us at (573) 642-8988 to get started.

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