The Columbia Art League in Columbia, Missouri is a non-profit member organization that offers high-quality arts education taught by professional artists and experienced instructors affordable rates by provide a variety of classes, seminars and workshops throughout the entire year. ​CAL offers scholarships for some programs​. Classes are taught by experienced instructors and professional artists.

Direct Impaqt proudly supports Columbia Art League’s efforts to raise awareness by providing outstanding direct mail marketing services to the organization. Direct mail is one vital component of Columbia Art League’s marketing mix, and is used to promote the exhibits in the gallery and putting out a Call for Artists, to Art in the Park, marketing education programming for kids and adults, and getting the word out about Columbia Art League’s fundraising efforts.

About the Columbia Art League’s Direct Mail Efforts

It can seem like technology advances more and more every day, and it can be tougher and tougher for non-profit organizations in Mid-Missouri to hit all their potential market segments in cost-effective ways – some people only respond to Twitter or Facebook, others to email, and still others want a printed letter or postcard in their mailboxes. Direct mail postcards have the widest appeal and are more likely to reach more of CAL’s target audience than any one other single marketing means.

CAL’s postcards are bright and colorful and designed to stick around, whether that’s on people’s fridge doors, book shelves, or bulletin boards. Email and Tweets are great, but they’re ephemeral. Direct mail, if crafted carefully and professionally, has the chance to stick around with something tangible and beautiful.

Who Sends Postcards Anymore, You Ask?

Columbia Art League’s direct mail postcard campaigns have proven to be cost-effective and produce an ROI that is difficult to replicate with most digital media. A well-designed postcard can make its way to community bulletin boards and other high-traffic areas for people to see. They convey a lot of information in a neat little package.

How Direct Impaqt Helps of Our Non-Profit Business Partners

One of Columbia Art League’s biggest Columbia community events, Art in the Park, will take place June 4 and 5, 2016. Direct Impaqt mailed out postcards for Columbia Art League announcing the event and placed an advertisement in the event booklet.

How can your Mid-Missouri non-profit organization benefit from getting printing and direct mailing help from Direct Impaqt?

  • • Keeping Costs Low – We know that non-profit agencies work on a tight budget and often have a lean staff. When we partner with non-profits, look for ways to keep costs down and to simplify the direct mail process.
  • • Get Postal Regulations Right the First Time – We make sure the mail piece design meets all the postal regulations to qualify for the lowest postage rates possible, and when it is printed and ready to just address, or address and insert if it is a letter or invitation, and when everything’s printed and ready to go, that it reaches the right people.
  • • Planning the Timing – Our account managers keep a calendar of a non-profit organizations’ mailings and contact them well in advance of an event date to reduce the stress of late planning for design, print and mail processes.

Check out Columbia Art League’s website at for more information about the non-profit organization, and their upcoming event, Art in the Park!

Heartwarming Words from Columbia Art League

Diana Moxon, Columbia Art League Executive Director works closely with Direct Impaqt’s Senior Account Manager, Fawn Valentine. Moxon raved about her experience working with Direct Impaqt.

“Working with Fawn Valentine at Direct Impaqt is so easy,” she said. “Fawn always responds superfast. The Direct Impaqt team always delivers on schedule, knows our business and they feel like part of our family. They’re always available to help and support our small nonprofit whenever they can, and I know I can rely on them totally. In a world where so much is changing so fast, I really like the consistency that I get from Direct Impaqt. I never have to re-explain what I need; Fawn has worked with me for years and knows what I need – and also knows when to remind me about things I’ve forgotten – thank you Fawn! Working with Direct Impaqt is always a total pleasure!”

Let Us Help Your Nonprofit Today

Direct Impaqt is passionate about giving all of our nonprofit partners a fantastic experience like Moxon’s. To learn how our direct mail marketing services can benefit your nonprofit or charitable organization, call us at (573) 874-8851 today or contact us online here.

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