Last month, we covered the important topic of choosing a statement processing company for your business. Invoice printing has many similarities to statement processing and some of the same principles apply, invoice printing is a distinct need that you and your business can’t ignore and when done correctly can be used to strengthen your brand while having a positive impact on cash flow.

Typically, invoices are documents generated at the time of sale or on a monthly basis that list current products or services sold or provided to the receiving party. Statements usually reference activity that occurs over a designated time period, such as a bank statement, statement of account or member benefits statements. Whether your company produces invoices, statements, or both, it’s imperative that the company you partner with to manage this data, and print and mail the final documents, has processes in place to ensure accuracy and security of your sensitive documents, as well as keeping the cost of these services affordable.

With so much riding on your company’s invoices, it’s important to find the right company to print your invoices. Here are some tips to choose the right company to get everything handled the right way:

1. Look for a company that knows how to cut costs while maximizing quality and convenience.

While billing isn’t the main or only thing any business does, it is a top priority, and it needs to be accurate and timely. Outsourcing to a trusted partner, often referred to as a mailing services provider, to print and mail your invoices may significantly lower your costs per invoice. A good mailing services provider should offer you a cost analysis of your current in-house process versus utilizing their services to save you printing, processing and postage dollars. Outsourcing invoice printing can also eliminate the time your company spends keeping staff up-to-speed on changes with billing software and equipment, which lets your team focus on providing more responsive and better service to your customers, clients or patients. More focused customer service time is brand strengthening, too!

2. Make sure the invoice printing company has an easy-to-access system for you and your team.

Implementing a comprehensive invoice processing system with a mailing services provider will make your business more efficient – but only when it’s properly administered. Your chosen outsource partner should be knowledgeable and comfortable integrating your existing billing data into their processing technology without any extra software, equipment, or training. Your partner should also utilize a system that gives you easy and secure access to an upload process for your billing data.

3. Your invoice printing company should care about accuracy and compliance as much as you do.

Invoice timeliness and accuracy matters. Whether your business is pharmaceuticals, life sciences, insurance, healthcare, education, government, utilities, manufacturing, finance or banking, there are compliance documentation and audit trail requirements. It is absolutely vital that you choose an outsource partner that knows — and is comfortable working within your regulatory and oversight environment. If not, the lack of adherence could lead to costly errors and your business may have trouble bouncing back from easily avoidable mistakes.

4. Find a company that can create invoices that distinctly represent your business.

The right outsourcing partner can design or redesign the perfect corporate invoice that is uniquely suited to your business. They’ll create an invoice template that they’ll add your invoice data to each billing cycle. Together, you’ll decide on a proofing procedure for this cycle that meets agreed upon quality assurance needs and timing. For the most streamlined outsourcing process, you may want to consider working with a company that can print, fold, insert, affix postage, postal sort for postage discounts, and mail your documents.

The right outsourced invoice printing company will make itself apparent when it has all of the above features and services. This important business partner will work with you to determine the right printing and digital data package for your business, your needs and your budget. Invoicing is a vital component of any business, and it should be done right every time.

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