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News & Updates from Direct Impaqt

How to Buy or Create Mailing Lists for Direct Mail

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Mailing lists are an effective way for organizations and businesses to directly reach out to potential customers and clients. There are several available options for collecting quality targeted mailing lists, and it is important to understand the intricacies of the various mail list services when developing a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

5 Tips to Improve Statement Processing for Your Business

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Most entrepreneurs go into business because they love their work, their goods and their services, and they want to get those products out to as many people as possible. However, even though small business owners love what they do, more likely than not, they don’t want to do their work for free all the time. Bottom lines must be met, rent must be paid and employees need their salaries.

Direct Mail Marketing Packs a Colorful Punch for Columbia Art League

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The Columbia Art League in Columbia, Missouri  is a non­profit member organization that offers  high­quality arts education ­­ taught by professional artists and experienced instructors ­­  affordable rates by providing a variety of classes, seminars and workshops throughout the entire  year. ​ CAL offers scholarships for some programs​ . Classes are taught by experienced instructors  and professional artists.


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This week, we'll continue our venture into excellence and direct mail with a focus on the class of mail used to send a direct mailing out. Contemporary author and philosopher, Eric Hoffer, used these words in reference to excellence as displayed in talent: "Those who lack talent expect things to happen without effort. They ascribe failure to lack of inspiration or ability, or misfortune rather than to insufficient application. Thus…talent is a species of vigor."

I like the word vigor!

Excellence is Rewarding

By: admin

Last Wednesday, my husband, John, and I attended a bluegrass music concert at the Missouri State Fair. I did not realize, until it was announced, that this was the first time in the history of the Missouri State Fair a bluegrass band had performed on the large grandstand's main stage. Joining us at this event were over 400 bluegrass fans and Missouri State Governor, Jay Nixon, who was later announced as a major influence in this concert playing on the main stage. We enjoyed quite an evening of musical showmanship.

The Little Things

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This week my college-age daughters are busy renting text books on-line to be received through the mail before their classes start next week at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Front Line Staff--An Important Part of Your Direct Mail Effort

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For the last several weeks, we have shared pre-direct mailing tips with you. This week, we've changed the focus! We'd like to share 3 important post mailing tips, which focus on your frontline staff or the staff that will most likely interact with customers or prospective customers that respond to your direct mailing. Support your advertising effort with staff that is ready to talk with your customers!

Inform your frontline staff about your direct mailing campaign.